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“I love Sophie’s work.

She has a knack of encapsulating what I want to communicate, which is invaluable because I get too close to the business to articulate it. She manages to capture the magic of my adventure experiences every time, paying thorough attention to detail and always hitting deadlines.

She’s switched on, and I trust her opinion. Working with her is a great experience.”

Paul Nicholson, Founder Newzeal


If you’re in travel, you’re selling the world.

Although it’s pretty big, most of it has been discovered.

This means you need to a.) sprinkle stardust on the familiar b.) brand that stardust well.

My geography’s poor, but my vocab’s rich. I know 7,000ish ways to say ‘spectacular scenery’, whipped up in your tone of voice.

I’ve blown high-end travel industry award entry trumpets.

Polished the biz identity and destination offerings for a Nordic boutique specialist.

Edited the magazine copy and content of well-established adventuring experts.

Written 80s party cruise-liner sales copy to fire up millennials.

Pored over dozens of locale-specific creative pieces to engage oligarchs when they’re done playing elephant polo with maharajas.

And- still- no-one’s sent me on holiday.

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Paul Nicholson is a city that never sleeps. Under the umbrella of his South Island company, Newzeal, he delivers training courses, conference packages, corporate retreats, bespoke luxury travel experiences, motivational speeches… you get the picture.

Paul was very clear about his company’s core identity. He just needed someone to un-jumble the myriad elements, so a punter could get to them.

So far, I’ve helped Newzeal with: brand articulation; web content strategy and UX; full web copy; and off-line promotional materials.

I shiver slightly when I hear from Paul. It’s high volume work, and he’s uber-busy, so we have to be thorough pinning down the details- usually when the sun’s setting on one of us and rising on the other.

On the plus side, he’s always in a good mood.

And, once I get stuck in, I feel like I’ve spent the morning heli pack rafting on the remote Southern Lakes.


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