‘I’ve worked with Sophie on a range of projects now. She’s extremely versatile, incisive and very quickly able to ‘get’ what I’m asking her for, whether that’s something practical like developing grammar exercises for my writing workshops, crafting my marketing copy, or interpreting a creative brief.

She can pretty much turn her hand to anything, is lovely to work with, and delivers exactly what I need.’

Kerry Savage, Director Savage Communications 


Dolls house magazine features. Vintage playmobil portraits. Treasure hunt clues. Poems.

Some creative briefs are left-field, to the point where you’re not sure with whom to park the job.

They might call on a Frankenstein skill-set that meddles imagination, word piggery, visual acumen, and common sense.

I’m your monster.

Catch me now HERE, before my overweening ambition guffaws at your weird request.

CASE STUDY: Savage Communications

Kerry Savage is my friend.

She’s also a hard nut, so she wasn’t about to pay me for old rope.

She needed a take-home book for her Presentation Skills training programme for FedEx.

The brief was to encapsulate the content and spirit of her teaching, filtered through her brand values, sharp, inspirational, professional, fun.

Light sorcery with copy, typography, stock imagery, quotation sourcing, and Blurb software fulfilled it.

Long may Kerry stay successful, needy, and into me.


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