Qual Research

“If you’re looking for someone who is a safe pair of hands and can do some of the legwork for your research projects Sophie can, of course, do that. That’s not why I choose Sophie to work for me.

I choose Sophie as someone who is deeply thoughtful, always switched on and who can think crooked where others can only think straight. As such, she’s always live to the research task and comes back with questions and challenges and ideas that make me think harder and make the research output better. Your projects will benefit from the loan of her brain.”

Nuala Sullivan, Owner Seed Research


If you are an independent qual researcher who takes on big projects, there’ll be times you need to be in two places at once.

Why not send me to one of them?

I’ve focussed focus groups on biscuit NPD.

Weathered one-on-ones to whittle down ad campaign routes.

Pestered people in aisles to sing like canaries about coffee.

I love travelling around, love analysis, love writing debriefs.

Above all, I am naturally extremely nosey.

GET IN TOUCH to see if I can nosey for you.

CASE STUDY: Seed Research

Seed Research is Nuala’s company. I worked with her on Smirnoff’s Through the bottle advertising, back when the entire agency needed to sign off on a brief.

Nuala is that fabulous person who trusts you to do a good job, instilling you with equal parts confidence and terror.

She happily diverts me to research facilities, private homes, and supermarkets, all over the country, clutching obsessively-marked up discussion guides and 500 bags of stimulus material.

If the groups finish late, I send her adrenalin-fuelled insights at 1 in the morning, like a post-gig Beyonce who’s swallowed a book on social anthropology.

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